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EV4U Custom Conversions is a division and trademark of van Wyhe's Custom Engraving and the sole property of van Wyhe's Custom Engraving, and may not be used for any purpose or by anyone other than the owners.   
EV4U does not share customer information with anyone.  Components sold by EV4U are waranteed by the individual manufacturers only.  The video "How-to Convert from Gas to Electric, The Complete Video is not returnable,
and is copyrighted by EV4U and may not be copied, or duplicated in any way, and is for the use of the original puchaser only.  BOB (Battery Operated Bug) is a trademark of EV4U Custom Conversions.
Where we take the Guesswork out of
Converting Your Car From Gas to Electric

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This Workshop will SAVE you Time and Money!
Custom Conversions
    Some of the topics covered
  • Component selection
  • Layout and design
  • 12 volt circuits
  • DC to DC Converters
  • Batteries
  • Wiring
  • Motors
  • Controllers
  • Chargers
  • Adapters & Couplers
  • Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Performance
  • Safety

  • Experienced and
    Knowledgeable Instructors

  • Free Lunch at local restaurants
Come convert this Sandrail
at one of our Workshops

For Only $7,500
What components to buy and where to
buy them.
Includes part numbers, wiring
instructions, etc.
Get the video with all this and more.
On Sale Now
Only $27.50
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Frequently Asked Questions... and
Providing Electric Vehicle   
education to High Schools   
and Colleges in the              
Western States.
If you would like to help
further our cause, you         
may make a donation via    
PAYPAL.  Thank you

Save Money and Time
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Gas to Electric
The Complete Video
On Sale Now
Only $97.50
Boat & ATV Conversions too!
3-Day Hands-On
Conversion Workshops
Learn what you need to know
before you spend thousands of dollars on
Space is limited!
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This Workshop will SAVE you
Time and Money!
Solar Power for your
Learn what you need to know
before you spend thousands of dollars on

Complete Conversion
of Your Vehicle

Pickup &
Everything (Turn Key)

Every conversion is designed
around each customer's unique

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Over 140 YouTube
videos to assist you
in your conversion.
      Answering Your Questions

To Contact Us

Email -

 Phone - 530.275.6800
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EV4U Converts All Makes and Models of
Vehicles, Plus Boats and ATVs too!
Complete Conversion Service
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on Parts for Converting
your vehicle.
Limited Time Special

Complete VW Beetle or Karmann Ghia
Conversion installed with pickup and

60 mile range - $20,995  (Karmann Ghia)
90 mile range - $22,995  (Beetle)

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Listing of some of
EV4U's YouTube
Doing It For You
Showing You How
Teaching You How
Sharing the Basics
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