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We can put together a custom package tailored to your specific project.
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EV4U offers Options:

We can put together a custom package tailored to your specific project.

Design your own.

There a few things that will determine the component choices.
  • Vehicle weight - Vehicle weight determines motor size, controller, and greatly affects range.
  • Range desired - Will determine the battery pack size, and have amajor effect on the cost.
  • Speed desired - Volts equals speed.  To be freeway capable requires at least a 120 volts.

Motor choices based on vehicle weight.
    See motor manufacturers specifications.

For a freeway capable vehicle, you will want 120 volts or more, and a 500 amp or greater controller.

How to calculate range.
  • Take the weight of the vehicle (after conversion) and divide by 10.  This is the watt-hours per
    mile to move your vehicle down the road.
  • Determine your pack size.  Take the voltage of the pack and multiple times the amp-hour
    capacity of the cells used.  (Example - 44 cells = 145.2 volts) (44 x 3.3 volts)  So if you used
    180 Ah cells, the pack capacity would be 145.2 volts x 180 Ah = 26,136 watt-hours.
  • You do not want to discharge your cells below 80%, so that means that our pack capacity is
    equal to 80% of 26,136 watt-hours which is 20,908.8 or 20.9 kWh.
  • Next, divide the pack capacity (20,909) by the watt-hours per mile and you have your range.
By using this formula, you can determine the range you can expect from any given set-up.  
Remember, more cells increases the voltage and weight.  We recommend watching EV4U's videos
or attend a Workshop before purchasing components.  Rule #1:  Do your homework.

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There six main components to an electric conversion.
Motor, Controller, Adapter/Coupler, Charger, DC/DC Converter, and Batteries
EV4U can provide you with all the necessary components to convert your
vehicle, ATV, or vessel to electric.  
Our main objective is to help you convert to
electric power, and can source any necessary components to achieve that objective.

Contact us for information and pricing for any and all of your component needs.
Complete VW Beetle or Karmann Ghia
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Classic Porsche 911 or 912
Complete Conversion
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Engineered conversions that blend form
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VW Beetle with a 90 mile range $22,995
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