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Company founder Richard van Wyhe
with Karmann, at Pacific Grove, California
Founded in 2008, the EV4U mission is simple.
Offer the public a choice when comes to driving an electric vehicle.
Provide simple, reliable conversions that people want to drive.
Provide quality conversions at a reasonable price.
Offer assistance to individuals who desire to do their own conversions.
Provide components, fabrication, and design assistance, as well as maintenance and repair.
Provide the information and tools needed to let you do it yourself.  
Expose the general public to the attributes of electric transportation.

Our award winning demonstration vehicle B.O.B. (Battery Operated Bug) and Karmann (a 1974 Karmann Ghia) are a big hit
wherever they go, and are used to educate the public about the advantages of electric vehicles. We also visit High Schools and
Colleges to get young people interested in electric vehicles.

We offer a series of free basic How-to videos, which feature our VW Karmann Ghia and other vehicles on our YouTube
Channel.  EV4U has a complete conversion video that walks you through the entire process, with all the insights necessary to
make the correct decisions on batteries, controllers, etc.
EV4U also hosts 3-Day Hands-On Conversion Workshops that give participants the "Big Picture" understanding and the
opportunity to learn in the classroom, shop, and to convert and test drive a VW Sandrail.

Why convert?
Electric vehicles are 8 times more efficient than internal combustion vehicles.
EV's do not pollute the environment like internal combustion vehicles.
Electricity is a domestic product, made in America, by Americans, for Americans.
Electric conversions are simple, they require little maintenance, and over time are much more economical to own and operate.
Plus many more reasons that we won't list here.

The OEM's do not have the financial motivation to produce and sell EV's.  Hybrids yes, EV's no.
The reason is simple, manufacturers and the dealer network in place today make their money in servicing your vehicle.  They
make many times more money on parts and service than they do in selling the vehicle originally.  EV's simply do not have the
components and necessity for service that traditional vehicles do.
When you convert a vehicle, you get to choose.  The vehicle, the range, the options, it's your choice.  Done your way.

EV4U Custom Conversions is a division of VCE, and is located in the City of Shasta Lake, in Northern California.

EV4U is supported by the proceeds from the sale of components and services, and the generous financial and other
contributions from:

VCE - Providing facilities, utilities, equipment, and financial support.

Richard and Donna van Wyhe - financial and other support.

Artistic Paint and Body, Redding, California - Discounted paint and body service for B.O.B.

VCE (van Wyhe's Custom Engraving) was founded in 1987 and specializes in custom engraving on almost anything.  From jewelry
and gift items to commercial and industrial engraving.  Providing products and services to a host of industries including, medical,
aviation, automotive, marine, recreation, and others.
In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the Supreme Excellence is Simplicity.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
EV4U Custom Conversions