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"If you're looking for information
about a Do-It-Yourself EV
conversion, look no further.  
Richard van Wyhe and EV4U have
what you need.  After purchasing
an EV kit from another supplier, I
was very disappointed by the lack
of information and support.  
Hoping to fill the gaps in my
knowledge, I turned to EV4U's
Online EV Workshop.  Bottom line,
EV4U gave me the information I
needed to make good choices
about converting my vehicle.  
They provided not only general
electrical education, but "how to"
demonstrations and the
information I needed to
personalize my installation.  I
couldn't have completed my
project as quickly, or
professionally, without their help.  
EV4U’s Online EV Workshop was
worth every penny!"

Chris from Salt Lake City, Utah
May 2020
I just had a chance to install the
custom bronze shift rod bushing
with the toolkit that you also
supplied.  Despite the excellent
videos I must say I was daunted...
but it turns out that I did not have
reason to be.  The process to
disassemble and reassemble (shift
rod, rear coupler, etc.) took far
more time than the actual
installation of your part.  I have it
all back together now and the car
is shifting beautifully with the
lovely ‘click click’ you should
expect.  Thank you for such a
quality product, well designed,
engineered and with utterly
flawless instructions. Fast and
cheap shipping to the other side of
the world too!  I would recommend
this to anyone.

Best regards

1963 VW Type 3 Notchback
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