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For Sale One-of-a-kind Custom Electric 1974 VW Beetle
The Car - A 1974 Volkswagen Standard Beetle, featuring:
wider than stock fiberglass fenders with matching running
boards, very nice paint job, custom tweed interior, stereo
system with 6 x 9 speakers, sd card slot, aux. input, etc.,  four
wheel disc brakes, heavy-duty anti-sway bar, lightened
flywheel, heavy-duty clutch, air shocks in the rear, all new
gaskets, trim, carpet, headliner, dash, Grant steering wheel,
custom front LED turn signals, custom rear lights, enclosed
engine compartment, freeway flyer transaxle, chrome rims,
Kumho tires, and more...
The Conversion - 146 volt DC Conversion, featuring:  a NetGain ImPulse 9 motor with a
taper-lock coupler, Curtis 1231C-8601 Controller, on-board 110/220 volt Charger,
AGM 12 volt Aux. battery, Elcon DC-DC Converter, 44 - 100Ah GBS cells, welded
polypropylene battery boxes with clear polycarbonate lids, manual and automatic vent
system, gauges in dash, including; pack voltage, aux. system voltage, state-of-charge,
amp gauge, and a JLD404 Intellegent Amp-hour Meter.  System features an oversized
heatsink and cooling fans for the controller, and safety interlock.  
Pack Voltage:  146 volts
Pack capacity:  14.6 kwh
Controller:  500 amps
Range:  40 - 60 miles (dependent on driver, terrain, temperature, etc.)
Charging time: 6.5 hours (if fully discharged)
0 -60 mph:  12 seconds (with normal driving)
Top speed:  90 mph
76 hp & 150 ft. lbs. of torque
Seating: 2
Battery pack weight:  312 lbs.
Conversion weight :  440 lbs.
Vehicle curb weight:  2100 lbs.
The Bug was designed and built to be a marketing vehicle, so looks prevailed over range.  Visit the Photo
Galley on this site for lots of photos and information.  Best offer over $27,000   Contact Richard at to purchase or for more information.
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Photo Gallery
This car has won
many awards and is a
real head turner.
44 GBS 100 Ah Cells
Cost New $6,765

Lightly used in our
marketing vehicles.
Only $5,000
Weights 312 lbs.
NetGain ImPulse 9 Motor with Adapter
and Coupler    Cost New $2,700
Adapter fits Classic VW's
Low miles   Only $2,200
Curtis 1231C-8601 Controller with 12" x 24"
Aluminum Heat Sink, Fans, Curtis PB-6
Potbox, Contactor, and Shunt   Only $1,500
All mounted and ready to install.
Special Price for purchase of above items all together with pickup, no shipping.  $8,500
1974 VW Karmann Ghia
Converted to electric in 2012

4 Wheel Disc Brakes
HPEVS AC-51 Motor
Curtis 1239 Controller
14.6 kWh Lithium Battery Pack
(44 CALB CA Series 100 Ah Cells)
ElCon 2.5 kW Charger
JLD 404 Intelligent AH Meter
30 amp ElCon DC/DC Converter
Level 1 Charge Port
Custom Controller Cooling System
Heavy duty anti-sway bars front and rear
88 HP, 108 lb.-ft. of Torque
The Karmann Ghia has been our demonstration vehicle since June 2012.
It has been featured in many of our videos and has been in car shows all
over the West Coast.
The car is in good shape, but has not been restored.