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Used EV Components For Sale
EV4U is selling the original motor/controller setup that was used in our original marketing vehicle.

All items were purchased new and have only been used in our marketing vehicle.

Very low miles on these items as the Bug was only used as a marketing vehicle.

The following are for sale:

NetGain Motors ImPulse 9 DC Motor

Curtis 1231C-8601 500 Amp DC Controller

Custom Adapter/Coupler which fits all classic VWs

Lighened Flywheel and Heavy-duty Clutch



Pot Box Throttle

Pot Box Relay

12" x 24" x 1/4" Aluminum Component Mount

Everything is ready to install in your VW.

See photos below.

All items are being sold together.  (All or none.)

Price $2,750

Price does not include shipping charges.

We will ship to Continental U.S. addresses only.
Components installed in our marketing vehicle.
Our Beautiful Custom VW Beetle For Sale
Current Setup
Custom Electric VW Bug from EV4U   Price: $28,000
For Sale is a 1974 Volkswagen Standard Beetle, NOT a Super Beetle.
This is an award winning Bug, having won First Place numerous times,
and is truly a unique car.
Features four wheel disc brakes
New Freeway Flyer Transaxle, heavy duty anti-sway bar, custom
fiberglass fenders and matching running boards, custom tweed interior
Award winning paint job.
Charcoal interior and a beautiful red exterior. Both interior and exterior
feature black and chrome accents.
Stereo with aux. inputs and sd card slot, remote, etc.
Custom turn signals front and rear, chrome rims with Kumho tires.
The car has been used as a show and marketing vehicle for EV4U
Custom Conversions.
The paint is in mint condition. This is a must see car.
This is an Award winning car, having won First Place Awards, in Bend,
Oregon, Anderson, California, Sacramento, California and Chico,
California just to name a few.
For more information visit
Converted to electric and used as a marketing vehicle since 2008.
Features a HPEVS AC-51 3-phase AC induction motor with regenerative
88 HP and 108 lb.-ft. of Torque
Curtis 1239 Controller (500 Amps)
14.6 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack
(44 CALB CA Series LiFePO4 100 Ah Cells)
Custom Controller Cooling System
Lightened Flywheel and Heavy-duty Clutch
Truly a FUN car to drive.
(Approximately 50 mile range.)
(Plenty of room for additional batteries.)